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Retirement plus Temporary, Joint Life and Investment Linked Annuity Advice in the areas of Poole in Dorset plus Bournemouth and Southampton.


It is imperative that you find the right Annuity advice. Speaking to an Independent Financial Adviser can substantially improve the amount of income you will receive.

Remember you only get one chance to buy your annuity

You should consult an Independent Financial Adviser to make sure that you get the best annuity rates.

When you purchase a type of annuity, and it changes your pension fund into a regular income that you will get throughout your life. Make sure you get the right annuity. This income may be taxable and the amount of income that you obtain each year will depend on various factors like your age, gender, health, size of your fund, type of annuity, and the best annuity rates on offer at that moment in time. If you let us advise you – we will ensure you obtain the best annuity available to you – thereby improving your income for the rest of your life.

Open Market Option

Many people think that buying an annuity from the organisation which has held their pension is appropriate. But the fact is that you have the right to shop around for the best annuity rates after your retirement, and this is called taking the Open Market Option (OMO). Your level of future income depends on you making the correct decisions – once you have bought your annuity – you cannot go back and change it!

We will ensure you are properly advised and fully explain all of the options available such as:

  • Increasing Annuity
  • Level Annuity
  • Joint life Annuity
  • Guaranteed Annuity
  • Investment Linked Annuity
  • Temporary Annuity

And, Importantly! Do you qualify for any type of enhanced Annuity as a result of any of the following:

  • Health issues – either current or historical
  • Taking long term medication
  • Any Lifestyle factors

You may even qualify for an enhanced Annuity due to you being a regular smoker — or even qualify as a result of your Postcode!! Make sure you have all the facts before you act.

For the best ANNUITY ADVICE you should use the open market option AND CONTACT US NOW.

Please be aware that an Annuity is not the only option available to you at Retirement.  Other options such as Income Drawdown – or Flexi-Access drawdown may be more appropriate.   Please contact us to request more information on all Retirement Options available to you.

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Annuity Advice

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Annuity Advice

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